Tradition around the corner Siouxland Communities

Siouxland has many surrounding communities that are a quick and easy drive into Sioux City. Many of our families enjoy the smaller towns, the close-knit schools, low crime and the wonderful churches.

Something new at every turn Sergeant Bluff, IA


Providing you with a suburban feel, you’ll find that many residents own their homes in Sergeant Bluff. An above average public school, five churches, a recreation center, an outstanding fire and rescue department, along with several large industries.

Many people choose Sergeant Bluff for the friendly community, the small-town feel and numerous parks for families. You’ll see that Sergeant Bluff is progressive, yet small enough to get to know people as friends.


Where life is sweet Le Mars, IA

Le Mars, Iowa is considered to be one of the best small towns in Iowa to live. Dubbed the ‘Ice Cream Capital of the World’ many people have chosen Le Mars to work, settle down and raise their families. Le Mars has been the home to Wells Enterprises Inc., makers of Blue Bunny® brand ice cream and dairy products, since the company’s founding by Fred H. Wells, Jr., in 1913. Today more ice cream is produced in Le Mars, Iowa, by a single company than in any other city in the world!

With a population of just under 10,000, Le Mars harbors a spirit of excellence. It's harmony is prominent in the growth of businesses and industries that market products and services throughout the nation and abroad. From the highly rated public and private schools, the beautiful churches, localized health care and it’s proud heritage, you’ll love living in Le Mars.

One Stop Light – Many Opportunities! Hinton, IA


Located in the valley of the Floyd River, Hinton, Iowa embodies small town living. The topography of the county consists of rolling hills broken by small streams and rivers. Hinton's western portion of the town is built on the sharp Loess Hills that border the Floyd River flood plain. Offering quaint businesses and a public school, Hinton will be that town where you’ll know all your neighbors.

The town has grown into a community that provides community many business opportunities and high quality development sites. Hinton is rich in tradition and events, takes pride in their parks, recreation areas, wine vineyard, a golf course, three churches and much more. Thus, making sure your children live the good life.


Hands Down, The Best Town Lawton, IA

The word Lawton, means 'from the town on the hill'. The City of Lawton, Iowa could be the perfect place to call home. Just one visit to Lawton and you’ll fall in love with their public school, restaurants, antique shop, boutique and even a pumpkin patch. Located just 7 miles east of Sioux City, Iowa, Lawton makes for the perfect place to call home or visit for the day.

Our small city is located in the heart of the Midwest and takes pride in that fact. It's in Lawton's nature to share their culture and be welcoming of everyone that enters the town. New schools, a fitness center, various churches, multiple parks and picnic areas all make up a community that offers their hospitality both business and personal alike.

A Great place to grow Akron, IA


The City of Akron has available commercial buildings and lots for sale both big and small. Why bring your business to Akron? We offer a wide variety of businesses that offer not only services but employment opportunities. Also, an excellent school system with small class sizes, indoor and outdoor recreation including a new park. And, a volunteer fire department, volunteer EMS, local police, annual events and many other local amenities. Population: 1,486. Number of Households: 625. Average Household Income: $47,557

Coordinating events to make Akron a great place to live and work like our Easter egg hunt and activities. In addition, indoor flea market, farmers market, Fourth of July celebration and fireworks, Halloween parade and Trunk or Treat, Hometown Christmas, Scarecrow Festival and other events. Providing networking and promotion opportunities such as: monthly membership meetings, ribbon cuttings and open house events. And, an annual Chamber Banquet, plus free booth space to members at Farmers Markets.


Pride Everyday Homer, NE

Welcome to Homer, Nebraska, where Nebraska pride runs strong. Living in Homer is exactly what you think small town living should be. Here you’ll see kids playing in the parks, families enjoying the land of the safe and sound, and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy a Nebraska sunset. Homer is the kind of town to raise a family and create your very own fairy tale. There are a myriad of school events, and since it’s a K-12 school, you can watch the kids grow up right before your eyes.

Your neighbors are your friends. When something happens, people don’t call, and say, “how can I help?” They show up on your doorstep, with a hot dish and hug. There is always a garden that needs weeding, money that needs to be raised, and friends that love your unannounced visit. You can go for quiet walks around town, and wave at your neighbors. And, if your car breaks down, someone will stop and lend a hand.

Where South Dakota Begins Elk Point, SD


Elk Point, South Dakota, better known as where South Dakota begins. It has a rich history dating back to the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804. Since then, people have chosen Elk Point to be their home. Many love the town for that oasis away from big city life. With numerous businesses, recreation opportunities and a wonderful school system, many have found Elk Point their place to call home.

Our mission is to provide services that promote the highest quality of life through cost effective and efficient governance. Furthermore, our vision is to accomplish this mission, the City of Elk Point is committed to providing citizens with a safe community, effective quality services, and infrastructure of adequate means to meet present and future needs.


Close to everything, far from ordinary Vermillion, SD

Located in the Southeast corner of South Dakota, Vermillion is the home to the University of South Dakota. It also boasts an excellent school system and a hospital. Due to our location, you’ll find living here that you have easy access to surrounding communities in all three states. Vermillion focuses on job creation, housing needs as well as promoting tourism in the area.

Home to the University of South Dakota, Vermillion also boasts an excellent school system, two clinics, and a hospital. Various recreation activities abound, including bike paths, four city parks, an 18-hole golf course and much more. There are also many arts and entertainment events, plus festivals that our city hosts throughout the year.