Serving Siouxland Faith in Siouxland

A short list below naming just some of our diverse places of worship in the Sioux City area. Visit our communities page to see what options our neighbors have.

Devotional Opportunities Comfort when moving to the Sioux City area.

Mater Dei Parish

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  • Immaculate Conception Worship Site. One of the shining star Catholic Churches in the Sioux City metro. They are a vibrant group of people that love the Lord and focus on nurturing.

Morningside Lutheran

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  • At Morningside Lutheran Church they strive to create a worship experience and message that allows God to speak to your heart. They have four worship times and types of service to fit the needs of your worship style.

First Presbyterian

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  • First Presbyterian is a beautiful church and congregation in the heart of downtown Sioux City. They are a pillar in the community and reach out to grow the faith in those around them.

Grace United Methodist Church

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  • Grace United has a passion for ministry and guiding people to the love of Jesus Christ. They continually serve the community and pass on their faith to the next generation.

Sunnybrook Community Church

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  • Sunnybrook Community Church is a place to connect with believers and grow in your faith. They offer three service times on Sundays filled with God’s Word.

Beth Shalom Synagogue

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  • Beth Shalom is a beautiful place and with a strong community rooted in their faith. They are a group of believers worshiping together engaging you and your loved ones.

Mosque of Sioux City

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  • This Mosque of Sioux City serves the Muslim community and is centrally located for convenience. The Mosque is a great source of support for teaching and worship.